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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

2022 Updates:

Thank you for allowing us to adapt with the needs of our family and community.  All of our services are now offered (including Interior and Exterior Window Services) . We will continue to follow all Covid-19 protocols set forth by the CDC. 

“There is only one way to survive and thrive when faced with circumstances out of our control - and that is to adapt” ― Charles F Glassman

Thank you for your continued support, 

Michael Morris

1. When should I get my windows cleaned?

In short, you should get your windows cleaned when they’re dirty!  Really though, it depends on your preference and your lifestyle. 


If there’s a time of the year that you use your home more frequently, maybe you travel less or have guests over more during this time, it is a good idea to clean before this point.  Not only to enjoy clean windows, but to minimalize the effects of this extended use. 


Most people clean their windows once a year. We recommend twice a year (say April and August, for example) to keep your windows clean year-round and utilize the sunniest points of the year. .

2. Do I have to clean my windows seasonally?

This questions is sort of like when your kids ask, "When do I need to clean my room".  It should be done when dirty, and at the least once per year. We find most people have their windows cleaned 1-2 times per year. We recommend in Spring and Fall to keep your windows shining and dust-free year round! 

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3. How much should professional window cleaning cost?

It completely depends on the window.  A second story window cost more than a first, and a third story costs more than a second.   Storm windows cost more than a "normal" window and true-divided windows costs per pane. We offer free on-site estimates and are happy to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about our quote process, please visit here > our quote process

4. Is Morris Family Window & Gutter Cleaning a year-round business?


No. Our general “shutdown” is from December 15th to February 15th.  This does vary and is weather-based.  This date is a general rule of thumb based on Christmas and freezing weather and may vary by days-weeks.  Though we battle through rain and rough conditions, the freeze limits our ability to work. ​

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5.  Do you do snow removal?


We do not do snow removal. 

6. Do you have a rain guarantee?


Yes!  We guarantee that it WILL rain again at some point after we leave! We guarantee our work for 48 hours and ask you call or text us immediately if you see any spots, streaks, or debris. We would be happy to remediate the concern. To read more about our guarantee policy, please visit here > our guarantee policy

7. Do you work through the rain?

We DO work through the rain. There are very few reasons we would need to cancel an appointment, and rain is not usually one of them. We will always show up at our scheduled time to at least check in, with the exceptions of lightening , high winds, and unexpected freeze.  You as the client may reschedule anytime by texting us at 313 752 1300 - or emailing

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8.  How do you clean the gutters?

We don’t use any of the power equipment (such as vacuums, machines, or power washers).  We actually climb up there and scoop it out by hand.  The reason for this is to do the job right for maximum cleaning effectiveness. Our goal is to come and go without you even knowing we were there.  We do our best to get every bit of gutter 'gunk' into the bucket and into the yard waste bags.  The landscaping in Grosse Pointe and Saint Clair Shores is so beautiful, and we want to keep it that way!

9. Do you repair gutters?

No.  We don’t do any type of construction for multiple reasons:  we are not insured for that and we’re not very good at it!  Most repairs are avoidable with routine cleanings so we hope to catch you before any repairs are necessary. We will keep you informed if we see any needed gutter repairs during your cleaning and can refer to local business networks.  

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10.  How often should my gutters be cleaned?

Due to the common Michigan seasons, we recommend twice a year (Example: May and November).  


If your gutters have not been maintained in a year or more, please consider getting them cleaned right away! We are a judgement-free zone and are only here to protect your best investment- your home! The best months as far as working with mother nature to get your gutters cleaned would be: March, April, May and then October, November, December. Once we hit freezing temperatures mid-December, we cannot start until the gutters thaw back out. We are always considering the weather and are able to give you an accurate appointment based on availability. 

11. When should I get my gutters cleaned in the spring?

See above. If you did not get them cleaned before winter, get them cleaned right away! If you have seasonal trees that drop at odd times, such as “helicopter” trees, then you might as well just wait until those have finished falling (which is usually early fall).

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12.  What happens if I do not clean my gutters?

  1. They can get too heavy and begin to pull away from the home.  This can change the pitch and will prevent them from draining properly (even when they’re cleaned) as well as potential damage to your home.

  2. The gutter can tear away and fall, causing damage to the home itself and the connected sections of gutters that didn’t fall.

  3. FLOODING.  Gutters are designed in conjunction with the home’s design.  They exist to catch and redirect water flows away from the home.  A full or clogged gutter will drain, just not the way you’d like (over a random side, for example) which can lead to pooling water and even flooding in basements and ground level floors.

  4. Ice damming is when gutters freeze due to clogs.  “Ice dams” form up the roof and slowly melt, but the water has nowhere to drain.  It puddles on the roof, blocked by ice, and can eventually collapse that particular section of the roof.  This is not common, but happens more that you would think.  Repairs for a collapsed roof are a lot more expensive than an annual gutter cleaning.

  5. Plant life begins to grow, creating a “bug highway” into your home.  Generally this is into an attic which can allow a lot of things in before it’s ever noticed by the homeowner.

13. What makes professional window or gutter cleaning different?

If you haven't had a professional take care of your windows, gutters, or pressure washing needs- then you are missing out! Book an appointment and we will show you the professional difference. To request an estimate, please fill out our estimate form here. 

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14.  What specific services do you provide?

At Morris Family Window & Gutter Cleaning, we provide: 

  1. Window Cleaning

  2. Gutter Cleaning

  3. Power Washing

   4. House Washing

If you have questions on a specific service, please contact us here. 

15. Do you provide any discounts?

Yes, we often run specials that can be found on our website and signing up for our email newsletter here. We also offer discounts on multiple job combos. Any job combo (such as gutter cleaning and window cleaning) will receive 10% off.  Any combination of 4+ jobs is called “The Works” and will receive 15% off the entire service price! 


Members of the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce receive 10% off. And we also offer military 10% off any service. 

We are happy to give back to our community and this is just our small part in saying "thank you"! 

16. How can I change any appointment or receive my free quote?

You can change you appointment by:

A. clicking the link in the confirmation email to reschedule 

B. texting us at 313-752-1300

C. emailing us at:

You can message us for your free quote HERE . We will drive out to your location for the most accurate and hassle-free estimate. Same day and same week appointments are available upon request. We will always discuss service pricing before hand, and payment is due at time of service via online invoice or check. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

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