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Tools Needed for Gutter Cleaning in Grosse Pointe

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Clean white gutters after Spring cleaning

Spring is upon us here in Grosse Pointe and summer is fast approaching. We are excited for the warmer days and green views ahead!

But before organize the annual family gathering, let's make sure your home's exterior has also shaken off the winter blues... including exterior dirt, grime, and leaf build-up.

Are your gutters clean? Are you ready for gutter cleaning?

If you are in need of gutter cleaning, or not sure where to start with this task, this article is for you.

Here are a list of tools you will need to consider in order to knock out this final cleaning item.

We have divide this list into 1) Commonly found items 2) Not So commonly found items and 3) Very Unlikely but recommended items.

Or you can rest assured, that the professionals at Morris Family Windows will have all the tools needed to complete the job and get your home summer-ready!

Common Gutter Cleaning Tools in the Garage

These items are the most common tools that you may find in your garage.


Gloves are needed just in case you come across any sharp edges or rough surfaces while you are cleaning your gutters. They can also help stabilize your grip so you don’t slip from sweaty hands if it is a hot day.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses protect the eyes from any flying debris that may occur. This can happen with a hose or just tossing items to the ground to be picked up later.


Gutters are at the roof of the homes. We DO NOT recommend non-professional gutter cleaners to clean via the roof. Ladders are the safest way.

The safest ladder is one that has four feet to provide more stabilization. It is even better if you have a partner holding the legs at the bottom to secure it further.

Again, please use caution when cleaning gutters as they are usually quite high off the ground. If there is any doubt about the height and your safety, give us a call! Safety is at the upmost importance.

Hose/Spray Nozzle

A hose saves you time from scooping the junk in the gutter. It uses the energy to push the items down and or out.

Not-So-Common Gutter Cleaning Items in the Garage

There is a chance you might have one or all of these tools hidden away in your garage. There is also a chance you don’t.

Caulk Gun

A caulk gun would be needed to fill in any cracks and small holes you may find when gutter cleaning. You will need the caulking material as well as the “gun.” Both of which can be found at any hardware store if they are not hidden in your garage.

Plastic Sheeting or A Big Tarp

When gutter cleaning, you will most likely be on a ladder and will come across big debris. It is hard to manage this debris from high above, or fit it all in one single bucket or bag carried with you.

Having a plastic sheeting or a big tarp below you will allow you to just drop the debris. This allows for easy clean up later as you can just grab the four corners of the sheet or tarp to move the debris to the appropriate disposal location.

Touch-Up Paint

Finally, if you see spots to touch up while you're there, take full advantage! Adding some paint over it can help maintain the look of your property rather than seeing spots of caulking.

Be sure to check your garage for any leftover paint cans if you painted your house before.

Very Unlikely, but Recommended, Tools Found in the Garage

Now, here are some gutter cleaning tools that are the least common, but still needed for your home in Grosse Pointe.

Gutter Sealant

Gutter sealant is similar to caulking, but it is specifically made for changes in the weather. This seal grows and shrinks depending on the weather and temperature without cracking.

Professionals, such as ourselves, use the sealant along the inside of joints throughout the g

Gutter Guards leaf build up on Grosse Pointe Michigan



This tool is like a shovel. It scoops items out of the gutter. This is useful when they are heavier items or when items are stuck and the hose can’t push it through.

Gutter Guards/Screens

This last one is not a tool, but a material that is always recommend to use after a good gutter cleaning.

Gutter Guards keep most debris out of the gutters and are easy to install, slipping right under the roof shingles. Note these still need to be cleaned annually but will help space out the time between cleanings and avoid larger build ups that could lead to damage.

Which Tools Do You Have?

Do you have all the common ones? How many of the not so common? What about the very unlikely?

The process can be time consuming, especially if you need to find the proper tools and/or you are not familiar with the process.

We have found a lot of clients do actually have a handful of these tools on the list, but that they still prefer to save the time and energy by having the professionals get the job done.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or simply not up to the task, give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get scheduled.

We can help you knock gutter cleaning off your list and get you on your way to a worry-free summer!

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