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Why My Family Loves Grosse Pointe - Summer 2020

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Growing up in Michigan, there is no mistaking that the summertime was made for memories. The weather is absolutely fantastic, the residents are inviting, and there is never a shortage of things to do or places to see in our community.

From riding bikes along miles of breathtaking trails or planning our next Family's Day Out, we have yet to face a shortage of summertime (Covid-safe) recreational activity.

Even speaking with residents of the other Grosse Pointes - City, Shores, Woods and Farms - who have told me they love Park purely because of how charming the residents are.

As a member of the community, a top reason I love GP is despite our tremendous growth in the last few years, our town has remained safe and inviting.

Not to mention, the city perks are amazing. From the leaf and side walk snow removal, to the residents-only parks and movie theaters, to the two waterfront pools and splash pad, there is no shortage of charm and value of community. Living here has provided me with the best of both worlds - a safe place for my family and a plethora of places to practice my golf swing.

Grosse Point has truly been our happy place and we are just proud to be a part of the community personally and professionally. Stay safe out there Michigan and enjoy your summer!

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