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Why, When, and How Often To Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Written by: Michael Morris

Over time, our driveways collect all kinds of dirt, grime, and gunk that are hard to remove with a simple surface cleaning. Especially if your household is anything like mine; AKA always on the go and participating in ample outdoor activities!

Over time, you may even start to notice oil stains or discoloration from the dirt build up. Though this usually takes months to notice, it does get worse through the years if left untreated. Routine cleaning can avoid most of this build-up and requires cleaning every few months to sustain.

A much more time-effective and cost-effective solution would be to use a pressurized hose. Going this route, you can get by with 1-2 cleanings per year, or as visibly needed.

You can either buy or purchase the equipment and supplies, which ranges from $300-$1800, or choose to hire a professional. Which is where Morris Family Window and Gutter Cleaning comes in. Whether you decide to pick up the tools or the phone, pressurized cleaning is hands down the best way to wash the exterior parts of your home. Pressure washing will protect your home's curb appeal, surface structure, and driveway lining so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Morris Family Window and Gutter Cleaning offers pressure washing in all shapes and sizes. We recommend exterior home cleaning as well as driveways, patios, and pavers to be pressure washed once to twice per year in Michigan, dependent on individual use and climate exposure. If you are in the Grosse Pointe or St. Clair communities, we would be happy to give you a consultation or you can book online here.

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway?

Did you know, grime is slightly acidic in nature and may eat away at materials, such as concrete, thus creating cracks and chipped surfaces? Ya, me neither. But it is true!

Dependent on where the problem area is located, this could lead to spending thousands of dollars in repair and replacement down the road. Grime, cracks, and chipped surfaces also paves the way for growth of mold and algae. It is not impossible to remove these contagions, but highly difficult even with professional cleaners. My goal as a professional cleaner is to always reach these hot spots, that are more prone to mold and algae, both first and often.

Additionally, the added pressure of professional equipment will remove baked-on stains without the need for scrubbing and harsh chemicals. This equipment and technique (pressure) is hands down one of the most effective preventive maintenance measures that you can perform on your home.

Next: How Often Should You Power Wash the Driveway

How Often Should You Power Wash the Driveway

Just like you clean the interior of your home regularly, you also need to wash the exterior components, such as your driveway, in order to maintain pristine and enjoyable conditions!

It makes a lot of sense where the dirt and pollution come from, when you think about it. The possibility of dirt transport is endless and the question "why" really requires an observation of your individual situation. Do you have a lot of foot traffic or deliveries? Do you host parties or events often? Or are the kiddos into extreme muddy puddle jumping (aren't we all)?

All of these factors should be considered when you are answering the questions "how often should I pressure wash my driveway or home"? Your home is unique to your lifestyle. We also consider the use, wear, and climate of your particular area. Are there a lot of trees and shrubs surrounding? Is there current growth or algae?

As a general consensus, most cleaning professionals will suggest to pressure wash the driveway, patio, and home at least once per year or as needed. I believe if you have a professional do the job, one time is enough to keep your home maintained and enjoyed for the next eleven months. 🙂

Next: When Should I Pressure Wash My Driveway?

Although you can clean your driveway at your convenience, most professional cleaners indicate spring and summer months as the ideal time. This is due to weather changes and the ability for customers to enjoy their nice clean patio and driveways when they are used the most.

It is important to note during these two seasons, algae and fungus are highly visible and have a higher growth rate due to excess moisture. So doing the job before or during these high growth seasons are imperative.

It is also the time when the spread of pollen is highest and can accumulate on your driveway and deck. Power washing will keep the surfaces clean, removes stickiness, and reduce dirt and dander buildup. If you do have allergies or sensitives to mold and other plant growth- I recommend the start of Summer as the prime "time" for effective cleaning.

Moral of the story? Pressure wash your home, driveway, and patio at least once per year either in Spring or Summer to maintain the condition and health of your home and family. Whether you are buying equipment, renting, or calling up the professionals, pressure washing is easily one of the most cost-effective preventative measures you can perform on your home. Stay safe out there Michigan! We are here when you needs us!

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