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Are You Cleaning Your Residential Storm Windows the Right Way?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

We’ve shared tons of information on our social media about the best way to clean your windows. However, if you are not following us yet, (Ahem 👉 Follow Us On Social Media), then you may have been at a loss on just how to clean those tricky storm windows.

So, your favorite window cleaning company has compiled a guide to get your windows shining like the waters on the lake!


Getting Started

You want to know what the job entails before you just start taking out all your storm windows. First, take a look and write down whether your windows are made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl and if you have thin or thicker single-pane glass. This info will determine your steps moving forward.

A.) You can tell you are working with thin single pane glass if your storm window is made of vinyl or aluminum. The glass will also be held into place with plastic or metal tabs. If you have this type of window, you want to be careful as you go about removing them. The thin glass is easily subject to breakage.

B.) You can tell you are dealing with a thicker window pane if the glass is held in place with snaps or screws. You’ll most likely find this type of glass on the outside of the window. This type of window is sturdier than other storm windows, and also heavier. Keep this in mind when you begin to remove the windows from the wall.

Removal Tips

Secondly, note the general guidelines we practice to best remove and clean storm windows.

  1. Protect yourself. Glass can break so make sure your eyes, hands, and arms are protected. Wear goggles, long sleeves, and leather gloves for maximum protection.

  2. Get the right tools. Have a utility knife, a flat putty knife, and a flat head screwdriver close by. You may need any of these tools to cut through caulking or paint that seals the window into the wall. You may also need them to help wedge warped or swollen wooden window frames out of place.

  3. Pay attention. Look for chips and cracks in the glass. If you notice any, you may want to call in a professional window cleaning specialist in Grosse Pointe. A window that is chipped or cracked can be more likely to break. We believe in being safe than sorry.

  4. Stay organized. As you start pulling out the windows, label them so that you know where they go when the cleaning is done. This will save you a lot of time and headache once the job is done!

If you have residential sliding triple track aluminum windows…

  • You must remove them from the inside.

  • You must remove each pane individually by pushing the into one side of the frame (if there’s no give on one side, push to the other side).The spring loaded track will let you pull the window out.

  • Once the bottom half of the window is out, use the same method to pull out the top window. Just slide the top window down about an inch so that you don’t damage the glass.

  • Remember to label the pieces because they have to be reinstalled in the same order after you clean them.

If you have residential single pane storm windows

  • Turn the tabs or screws that hold the window in place. If possible, have a second pair of hands secure the window so that it doesn’t slip and break while you are loosening the fasteners.

  • Proceed with caution. This warning is worth mentioning twice. The thin glass can break easily, especially if there’s already a chip or crack in it.


Cleaning Residential Storm Windows

Now, for the good stuff! Once your windows are all out and labeled for proper installation, you can start the cleaning process:

  1. Lean the windows against a sturdy flat wall outdoors. If you have to clean the windows indoors for whatever reason, lay a towel underneath the window you’re cleaning to prevent a mess.

  2. Apply your favorite window cleaning technique with light pressure. Note, heavy-handed scrubbing can cause the glass to break at an angle.

  3. Allow the windows to air dry or dry them with a microfiber cloth. This is to prevent the accumulation of fog inside your windows when you reinstall.

Even though you can DIY, you may not always should. If you do feel more comfortable hiring a team of Gross Pointe Window Cleaning experts for your storm windows, don't hesitate to give Morris Family Windows a call. We have the right tools and supplies to ensure a magnificent job is done. Happy Cleaning!

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