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Gratitude Post

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

First let me start off this post by saying, I don't nearly thank you enough for being continued clients, neighbors, and friends and for that I am truly sorry!

You, Grosse Pointe and surrounding neighbors, have made this 2020 season not just bearable, but a pleasant one! (And with all the craziness in the world that is saying something). It has been such a pleasure to serve you and be reminded what our community is all about.

From catching up with you, to the well wishes, emails, and customer referrals - know your neighborly love has made an impact on us and has really kept our hearts (and our books!) full this year.

On behalf of Morris Family Windows, we wish you well this holiday season. Stay warm and cozy - and will see you again next Spring!

Michael, Madison, Zeke,

& The Team at Morris Family Windows

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